The Dream - The People - The Service

If you’ve never owned a dog named Diogy, then CYNGY may trouble your mind; you were either born way too long ago – or you’re not old enough to own a dog or a cat – yes, our cat is named Ciaty.  The non-sense stops here, but not the fun, or the truth.

CYNGY is the result of a single journey chasing the American Dream.  It is the result of long term multi-personal commitments to thoroughly address questions with solutions based on a recipe of common sense and exceptionalism.  This dream was never to ‘sell a million bags’; it was never to ‘go public’ or ‘be bought out’ – it always was just about doing the right thing – in every aspect.  About building an environment that fostered individual will and purpose – that allowed a ‘higher grade’ of thought and concern fostering a higher grade of components, of labor, of craftsmanship. An environment where resources and obstacles are the focus of management; where direction flows from the ever obvious need for ‘how do we make it better’.

But it started there – it didn’t stop there – it hasn’t stopped yet.  The thread, the patterns, the machines, the fabric; they’re all there – but what makes CYNGY so very special are the people; not just the bodies, the wills and minds and determination.  Many here for over 25 years; there’s been no come and go; they are committed.  So you put the people on top of the parts and all that lacks is ‘the share’.

Welcome!  ‘The share’ works for the tech guy in network terms – maybe even loosely as e-commerce; we figure it’s more easily recognized and remembered as the ‘service’.  Yes, that brings the human element – that same one talked about earlier – right to you personally.  “At your service” is the logical extension of manufacturing exceptionalism.  We accept that you may wish to purchase something having never spoken with us; but know that in our minds a conversation occurred – an exchange of not money, but of will and desire and purpose – you bought our work.  Bought is the verb – welcome to the difference!!  

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